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  1. Active Sales
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  2. E Commerce

    Sell online : Be where more customers are

    Reach out to thousands of different buyers on inclusivity showcasing and selling your products through Inclusivity.

    Showcase your business needs on a digital industry network like Inclusivity!

    Avail the Benefits:

    • Increase Sales From a High Traffic Channel
    • Acquire New Customers
    • Many People now Prefer Shopping Via Marketplaces

    Reach out to thousands of different buyers on inclusivity showcasing your products on Inclusivity.

    Sell through our platform and increase your sales!

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  3. Get Help in Prospecting


    To be an effective sales enablement leader, you need to be able to think like a sales rep. Part of doing that well includes knowing how to effectively use all of the tools and technology that reps use in their day-to-day. One of the most important tools that sales reps use is Inclusion Prospecting. This tool, which is a membership option within Inclusivity. Get Inclusivity’s help in prospecting the premium buyers and get trained for the same! We will work with you on prospecting bigger and better buyers.

    Get Found || Get Appointments || Get Sales Acceleration

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  4. Order Based Handholding

    This mentoring suite includes- Government Procurement Assistance, Private Sector Contact Assistance, Proposal Strategy and Solicitation bid preparation, negotiation and doing.

    Some questions with which we can help you:

    1. What questions or classifications should you submit to contracting buyer?
    2. What should your technical strategy be?
    3. What are the critical aspects of your cost strategy?

    What are the evaluation criteria and what should your approach be? Our team helps you analyse and prepare a strategy for RFQs, RFPs, etc.

    Our mentorship sessions can take anyone of the following formats:

    • One on One Counseling
    • Sessions with Mentor Partner
    • Training & Workshops
    • Knowledge Products/ written instructions

If you are an existing seller on our portal and face issues similar mentioned as above, you can avail the service at discounted rates.  Buy the discounted product.

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  • Buyer Referral


    B2B purchase decisions are often complex (as the value of many purchases is often very high), and there are often many people involved – for example, research and development staff, purchasing staff, accountants, suppliers, external consultants.Get help in meeting the key decision makers and identifying the channels to enter in the supply chain of your target buyer, whether it is a CPSUs/ PSUs, a medium buyer or big Corporates.

    Get in touch with inclusivity and tap exclusive purchase agents and buyers for catching big orders.

    Learn the pre order processes:

    • Pre-introduction training and preparation : In this phase, we mentor you through one of the following methods:
      • One on One Counseling
      • Mentor Partner
      • Knowledge Products
      • Training sessions or Workshops
    • Referral and/or introduction
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  • Work Directly With Buyers

    Give Your Business a Platform to Grow through our Platform

    Inclusivity: Like Oyo for B2B

    Get buyers and orders on the inclusive platform, Inclusivity.

    Get Rid of Leads, Get Direct Orders from Buyers!!

    The platform includes you in the supply chain of government and Big corporate buyers.

    Other benefits Suppliers Derive:

    1. Inclusion in Inclusivity’s Database
    2. Market Access
    3. Customers from Government, Corporates and SMEs
    4. A Bigger Network of Clients.
    5. Get included in orders and buyers’ supply chains with Inclusivity, your inclusive platform.

      No more leads – deal with buyers one – one, directly !

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  • sign up for partnership with us
    “JOIN OUR NETWORK TO GROW YOUR BUSINESS” If you are a business service provider, Inclusivity’s partnership can help you. We will connect you to vendors who require the services of your category and hence grow your clients. RETURNS THAT WE DELIVER TO OUR PARTNER 1. Increased Revenue 2. Increased Rate of Service Consumption 3. Customers from Government, Corporates and SMEs 4. A Bigger Network of Clients. GET STARTED IN A SHORT SIMPLE WAY: 1. Sign up with us, uploading the basic details. 2. Pay the minimal charges and sign the agreement. 3. We will onboard you and you can connect to different clients. Learn More
  • Matching Buyer Connect

    Identifying potential buyers?

    Enhance your yield by matching with prospects directly!

    Matching Buyer Connect is a customised suite of integrated matching services dedicated to helping suppliers identify and screen potential buyers and business partners.

    Discover the prospective requirement as per your requirement via Inclusivity.

    This service not only connects you to a prospective buyer but also helps you collaborate with other suppliers to compensate your business’ limitation and deal with a giant buyer.

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  • Mergers and Acquisitions
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  • Growth Strategies
    Work With Experts and Mentors Learn More
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