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  1. Work With Suppliers



    Join 1000s of companies who have discovered diverse suppliers using our inclusive platform!

    Inclusivity: Bridging gaps between Affirmative Buyers & Diverse Entrepreneurs

    Whether you are a government (CPSU/PSU/Ministry), Large/Medium Private Enterprise, MNC or a Corporate buyer, Inclusivity: Transact with Suppliers bridges the gap between you and entrepreneurs from diverse social categories.

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  2. Source New Market Winning Product

    So You’ve  got the idea..!!

    We’ve got a way to make it happen!

    Join 1000s of other entrepreneurs who have taken their product idea from concept to reality using our unique sourcing platform.

    Supplying the common products of your respective industry isn’t enough. In the competitive market, selling something different is more profitable.

    The question that arises is how to identify new and different Product?

    Inclusivity will help you source new products that will become a boom in the domestic market.

    Buy this service and connect with Inclusivity to source a new market winning product.

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  3. Spot the Next Big Product Idea

    Having thoughts regarding expansion?

    Want to produce another product?

    Wondering which product might cost least and fetch maximum profits?

    Hard to analyze?

    Well, Inclusivity.in serves the solution.


    We conduct an in depth research of the industry of your reference.

    Studying about the industry gives us an insight regarding the existing and upcoming feasible products.

    This insight then in turn enables us to create your vision for investing in specific product that can help your business jump up in terms of growth as well as revenue.

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  4. Track Your Supplier

    Tracking your Supplier!

    Proactively track your suppliers and vendors to understand their capabilities,  other business patterns, and product interests, better.

    Gain access to specific suppliers  and their trends like trade history , selling pattern, business partners, total capacity and relationship with other clients.

    Connect to new or old vendors, Micro & Small Enterprises, Large & Medium Enterprises, Exporters and Importers and service Providers.

    Exclusive Features:

    • Research of Supplier’s trade History & Vendor’s credibility
    • Get access to Inclusivity’s Database
    • Access To Top Diverse Suppliers
    • Access to CSCC and Inclusivity programs
    • Access to Industry Groups
    • Access and outreach assistance to our new enhanced network
    • SMEs referral and/or introductions
    • Supplier Diversity/Inclusive Program development
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  5. Spot New Market Opportunities

    Inclusivity helps its vendors spot new market opportunities through market research

    If you are missing on the research team or facing some constraint on part of research, Inclusivity has answers to your research problems.

    Inclusivity offers varied market research services:

    • SWOT Analysis
    • Market Trend Report
    • Domestic Market Research
    • Industry research and Trend Analysis
    • Cluster Based Research
    • Competitor Analysis and Market Size Research
    • Identifying New Markets and Potential Business Partners
    • Primary and Secondary Data Collection
    • Know your Market Share
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  6. Hire Service Providers and Freelancers


    Hire trusted diverse service providers and freelancers for any job,any size, anywhere.


    Find a range of top diverse service providers and freelancers, from programmers to designers, writers, customer support reps, and more.


    Invite candidates to submit bids, then review and hire your favorite

    Collaborate on Work

    Each project includes an online workspace shared by your team and your service provider / freelancer


    Pay your service provider / freelancer by the hour, or a fixed price for the entire project.
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