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Work with Suppliers

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Join 1000s of companies who have discovered diverse suppliers using our inclusive platform!

Inclusivity: Bridging gaps between Affirmative Buyers & Diverse Entrepreneurs

Whether you are a government (CPSU/PSU/Ministry), Large/Medium Private Enterprise, MNC or a Corporate buyer, Inclusivity: Transact with Suppliers bridges the gap between you and entrepreneurs from diverse social categories.

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We are your Inclusive Marketplace.

We assist you in fulfilling supplier Diversity and affirmative action goals. Be it public procurement, private affirmative action or corporate social responsibility, achieve it here!

Inclusivity’s Inclusive Sourcing platform is Like Oyo for B2B: Get Suppliers and complete your projects on the platform.

Include suppliers in orders and supply chains directly from your desktop with Inclusivity transact with suppliers.

No more prospects – deal with suppliers one – one, directly

  1. Submit project- your Product/ Service Idea
  2. Get matched with Top Diverse Entrepreneurs
  3. review your product/service bids.
  4. Start work on project.
  5. Receive finished product/service

Post projects stating your requirements in detail. Put down minute details regarding the supplier, quality, your budget, number of days the project should be live and type of hiring.


Inclusivity has worked hand-in-hand with different MSMEs and corporates to understand their individual supply chain dynamics; what, how, and when they buy, and capabilities they look for in any new suppliers. This has helped us build and extended network of over 9000+ vendors that are in over 30+ different industry sectors and are of varied sizes and capabilities.


Be Different, Source Different !

Diversity & Quality: Select the vendors to include; Request certificates; View catalogues and rates.

Supplier Discovery: Use our Network across India to find manufacturers/ service providers/ job workers for all spends.

Inclusivity: Your Personal Sourcing Network

Get complete control || Implement policy initiatives || Cut manufacturing costs || Reduce the Searching Cost & Save on Time

How to Get started with Inclusivity - Transact/Work with Suppliers?

  1. Sign Up
    • Sign Up to get Started
  2. Buy this Service
    • Inclusivity Payment Gateway is secure, fast & easy to use.
  3. Post
    • Post Your Requirement/Project.
  4. Choose
    • Review the quotations of a wide range of quality Suppliers/Freelancers/Service Providers.
  5. Get Work Done
    • Use the Inclusivity dashboard to Chat &Message with the selected provider and collaborate on your work.

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